Top 6 Benefits of Antioxidant filled foods

Antioxidants. I feel like this is the new buzz word that has been popping up everywhere and every health guru loves talking about it! 

Well, why not dive a little deeper and let’s take a look at the top 6 benefits of why we should be including antioxidant rich foods into our diet. Spoiler: you probably are already indulging in foods that are FULL of antioxidants. 

So what some of the foods that you need to add to your grocery list? I got you! Just to name a few…

Grapes (especially the dark colored ones)
Blueberries – found in our Acai Maqui Smoothie
Raspberries – found in our Acai Maqui & Skinny Peach Smoothies
Strawberries – found in our Acai Maqui, Chocolate PB&J, & Pitaya Protein Smoothies
Nuts – found in all of our smoothies!
Spinach – found in our Game Changer, Pitaya Protein, & Mint Cacao Chip Smoothies
Sweet Potatoes
Green Tea
Cinnamon – found in our Chocolate PB &J, Game Changer, Churro, & Mint Cacao Chip Smoothies
Cacao Nibs – found in our Churro & Mint Cacao Chip Smoothies
Dark Chocolate (currently munching on my one daily piece)

Do a little investigating – you will be very surprised to see just how many delicious foods can be giving you all of the amazing benefits that are listed above, and make you feel SO. DAMN. GOOD!