Boost Your Sex Drive…Deliciously!

Did you know there that are SO many delicious foods that can get you in the mood or rather stimulate your desire to be intimate? They have the ability to relax or boost your sex drive naturally to move things right along…or to the bedroom.

So why not gain some inspo on this fine Friday and dive a little deeper!

Top 6 Healthy Aphrodisiac Superfoods 

✨ Dark chocolate/Cacao – this superfood is extremely high in antioxidants and contains stimulating chemicals that are mood boosters. Our Chocolate PB&J, Churro & Mint Cacao Chip are known for reducing stress and increasing ones energy.
✨Maca – also known as natural viagra and has been used to increase fertility, labido, and obviously a mood enhancer! Need more of this in your life? (heck yeah!) Our Churro, Chocolate PB&J & Mint Cacao Chip do just the trick!
✨ Cinnamon – this spice “heats” up your body and increases your appetite not only physically but also sexually! Spice up your life with the Chocolate PB&J, Game Changer, Churro & Mint Cacao Chip cubes!
✨ Almonds – due to the omega 3 fatty acids it is known that those acids boost blood circulation to start things moving in the right direction. Acai Maqui & Pitaya Protein will definitely help in that area!
✨ Ginger – this root increases blood flow and warms the blood in sexual organs. Our Skinny Peach smoothie is the perfect combo between sweet & spicy!
✨ Coconut Water – We love adding coconut water to our smoothies. We also love that due to the level of electrolytes that are found in coconut water, our blood flow improves and so does ones sex life.

They say that abs start in the kitchen – but we are firm believers that love does too!