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Pitaya Protein

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These vibrant, ready-to-blend purple cubes will blow your mind. Featuring low-sugar, high-protein, high-antioxidant dragon fruit and white mulberries to give you everything your body needs to fight digestive discomfort and inflammation, plus a power shot of probiotics to aid in natural digestion. When you look and feel your best, anything is possible!

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Every frozen cube is USDA organic, gluten and dairy free, raw, vegan and have no added sugar. We want you to see each ingredient we put into our cubes. Have a look!

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Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy

Top: Your smoothie bowl with Live Pure Granola, blackberries and drizzle peanut butter.
No Milk? Use filtered water.
Cereal Brilliance: Fill a bowl with 5 – 6 cubes and milk, and let sit for 10 minutes. Top with LivePure Granola and honey. Hangry, solved.

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  • Pitaya

    This super fruit (also known as dragon fruit) is high in fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

  • Spinach

    A nutritional powerhouse for overall health. Protects against cancer, limits inflammation, preserves skin health.

  • Maqui Berry

    The anti-aging, metabolism-boosting, anti-inflammatory superfood!

  • Almonds

    Lowers bad cholesterol levels and decreases chance of heart disease while supporting brain function and skin health. Assists with weight loss and increases nutrient absorption.

  • Strawberries

    Low sugar, high in fiber, and loaded with antioxidants to promote overall health.

  • Garden of Life Protein

    A plant-based, high-quality organic protein with a complete profile of essential amino acids and 3 grams of naturally-occurring branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

  • Mulberries

    This superfood is rich in protein, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and iron.

  • Bananas

    A potassium powerhouse.

  • Probiotics

    The secret to restoring digestive health.

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