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About Live Pure

Live Pure founders Tiffany and Mary
There’s always some sort of craziness going on with us. Trying to keep life and work fun, especially when the stress gets intense is what we do best.  Would Live Pure have been able to survive if we didn’t have each other? Hell, no!

As wellness experts, we understand what it means to be healthy and even more about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s not easy and we know it. We even coach each other on a daily basis to stay on track.

"There are days when we are so hyper focused on work we don't even realize we haven't consumed a morsel of food or taken a sip of water in hours. You know, a headache, fatigue, brain fog kind of moment. So we get off our butts, chug a few glasses of water, make a smoothie bowl and head outside for 5 minutes of sunshine and a little goofiness."


After working with private clients, corporations, and teaching nutrition in schools for ten years, it was time for us to move on from health coaching, and figure out an easier way for people to stay healthy. No one wakes up in the morning thinking, “I can’t wait to feel like crap by 11am and even worse by 3pm!” Everyone wants to feel their best but sometimes life gets in the way, so it’s hard to do what we need to do to be our best selves.

Bottom line, we were determined and refused to give up even when things got tough and you-know-what was about to hit the fan. We regrouped and forged forward with even more conviction, knowing that without a doubt, we could do it.

Staying healthy and feeling your best is hard. We hear you. Big time. That’s why we founded Live Pure. It’s taken a long time to launch this baby, but we couldn’t be more excited to share our frozen square creation that will literally change your life. Our hope is to make at least one part of your life a whole lot simpler and of course, more delicious. Here’s to you.

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Live Pure believes all people should have access to food, no matter what their circumstances. We've partnered with Kenya Kids Can, a nonprofit in the Rift Valley of Kenya that provides school lunches for children and builds solar-powered computers to improve their education. Each sale provides a child in Kenya with a week of meals at school, allowing them to live a healthier life and continue their education.

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