Stay Healthy Through Sweater Weather with These Immune-Boosting Smoothie Ingredients

Can we be real with you for a sec? If you’re anything like us, you are just about ready to “BYE FELICIA” the hell out of 2020. From toilet paper shortages to killer hornets, and everything else in between, this year has felt like a real-life SyFy soap opera mash up, and it’s left us stressed the F out. Now, after months of chronic stress beating down on our immune system, we now get to face yet another curve ball: the annual circus that we call cold and flu season. So while these next few months of empty tissue boxes and daily trips to the pharmacy isn’t specific to 2020, we’re still going to go ahead and be pissed off about dealing with it this year because HAVEN’T WE HAD ENOUGH?! If the words “cold and flu” have you running for your hand sanitizer and scrolling through Amazon Prime in search of a hazmat suit, we’re here to bring you your 2020 silver-lining: staying healthy just got a whole lot easier and a heck of a lot tastier with everyone’s favorite smoothie cubes.

At Live Pure, we like feeling good just as much as we like looking good. That’s why we pack each of our antioxidant-rich smoothie cube blends with superfood ingredients that’ll boost your immunity while helping you maintain that year-round bikini bod and summer glow. Need the deets? Read on as we break down our smoothie cubes top three immune-boosting ingredients!

This beloved fiery spice isn’t just a fall flavor fave-it’s also a big time immune-booster! Not only does cinnamon spice up your spiked cider during the holidays, but it also tops the list as one of the most antioxidant-rich spices, even beating out other flu-fighting staples like oregano, which stars in every bowl of “get well soon” chicken noodle soup. If you’re a cinnaholic looking to boost your basic B status, we recommend adding an extra dash or two of this spice to that Starbucks PSL. Beyond elevating the YASS factor of your favorite seasonal sip, cinnamon also has been shown to reduce systemic inflammation, a major culprit of a suppressed immune system.Whether you’re a basic B, a bad B, a boss B, or the perfect mix of all three, staying healthy is chíc for everyone, which is why you’ll find this deliciously sweet ingredient to several of your most loved LP smoothie cube flavors.

Another sweet and spicy ingredient that seems to find its way into a ton of holiday comfort foods, ginger is a staple immune-boosting superfood star that you’ll taste in a handful of our smoothie cube flavors. When it comes to fighting both viral and bacterial diseases, ginger is an immune-strengthening savage as far as spices go. Studies have shown that consuming ginger helps prevent respiratory infection by stimulating respiratory cells to secrete antiviral proteins that are able to destroy foreign pathogens. But the story gets juicer-another study found in addition to warding off viral infection, ginger has also been shown to exhibit antibacterial properties by inhibiting certain antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. And if we didn’t already dig ginger enough for keeping us healthy, we’re going to shout it out for one more reason we think you’ll love. This spice is our secret quick fix for belly bloat and digestion troubles, because who doesn’t want to keep it slim-chíc, even if we’re bundled up underneath a chunky sweater.

Just like ginger, probiotics are another flat-belly favorite when it comes to a happy gut. But the benefits of these “good” bacteria goes way beyond aesthetics. Not only do probiotics keep our digestion on point, but they also majorly enhance our immune function. When it comes to fighting infection and disease, our gut is one of our body’s first lines of defense. When pathogens find their way into our system, our gut microbiome works to prevent these invaders from making their way into our circulatory system. On top of that, certain probiotics heighten our immune cell function by increasing their ability to respond to foreign invaders, which improves our chances of fighting disease and infection. Whether we’re maintaining our summertime fine status or trying just trying to stay sane and healthy through cold and flu season, you’ll never catch us slacking on our probiotic game, which is why we’ve included these badass bacteria in every.single.smoothie cube flavor.

While this small, squishy brown fruit isn’t the most instagrammable produce item, damn are they delish. Plus, they offer a ton of nutrients like vitamin A and K, which act as antioxidants in the body and reduce the effects of oxidative stress which can damage our cells. Beyond the cancer-fighting antioxidants packed into dates, this superfood fruit also contains another kick ass compound that helps to keep our immune system strong no matter the season. Packed into every date are a type of polyphenolic antioxidants called tannins, which work in our body by simultaneously reducing inflammation and boosting our immune system function. When it comes to health benefits, you can’t judge this fruit by its color, which is why you’ll find this adorably ugly immune-boosting ingredient in several of our LP cubes.

Keep Thriving
Yes 2020 has had its ups and downs, but YOU are killing it! Keep thriving this season by taking up your nutrition game to the next level. Load up that blender with your fave immune-boosting LP cubes found in our immunity bundle, and enjoy smooth sailing as you sip your way right on through cold and flu season looking and feeling fan-freaking-tastic.