LP Wellness Challenge Tips: The Thirst is Real

If you are a Live Pure cuber – you probably already know how much we stress about drinking water! Wake up, drink. Breakfast, drink. Work out, drink. Emails, drink. It’s a habit that needs to be practiced constantly – even though we totally fail at it sometimes (currently chugging a glass of water). If you incorporate this simple yet sometimes treacherous habit into your daily routine we promise the benefits will AMAZE you! 


Skin – dewy glow, even coloration, & clearer complexion.  

Weight – we recommend starting with 10 glasses of water, by doing so you will start to notice a difference in the way you feel.

Toxins – trust us, having to go to the bathroom all day isn’t our favorite activity either but knowing that we are flushing out toxins makes it so worth it!

Energy – say goodbye to your 3pm lull.

Pain – the post-workout muscle and joint pain will begin to decrease. 

Bottom line you’ll feel SO. DAMN. GOOD. 

Bottoms up!

Experts recommend 8 glasses of water a day. Another recommendation (bc we are all different!) is a more individual approach. Take your total weight, divide by 2 = amount of ounces to drink per day! Either way, charge the H20!

Simple ways to incorporate water throughout the day: 
– Drink a glass before any other task in the morning.
– Write it down.
– Infuse your water with your fave fruit.
– Set an alarm to remind yourself to take back a glass.

Need tips and a bit of accountability to get in routine?
As health coaches, we saw a huge difference in clients after adding sufficient water to their daily routine. We not only swear by our nutrient-packed smoothies but in the simple task of daily hydration. That is why we have added HYDRATION to our first week in the 30 Days of Wellness Challenge! Simple tasks big results. You can learn more or join by purchasing your Wellness Box here or if you already have cubes and want to join email Mary@livepure.love and she will get you set up!