Smoothie Spotlight: Why We Flip For Mint Cacao Chip

Move over girl scouts, we’ve just gone and one-upped your Thin Mint cookies with our fresh and fabulous remix on this classic flavor combo. One sip of our Mint Cacao Chip smoothie, and you’ll immediately regret being hustled by those fierce little ladies in green. With the Mint Cacao Chip, you don’t have to wait until girl scout cookie season to enjoy the perfect pairing of rich cacao and fresh mint. Plus, unlike its cookie counterpart, you won’t have to tack on an extra workout to combat eating the whole box in one sitting. Instead of a cookie-coma, you can expect some serious hot-bod health benefits from this marvelous mint-chocolate mix – thanks to an ingredient list chock-full of superfood ingredients that’ll help you slay that summer body. Let’s dig into the deets of this deliciously detoxifying blend!

Dates, a Dream for Your Digestion
Don’t let the freakish appearance of these little fruits deter you, these guys pack in a bounty of benefits. With nearly 7 grams of fiber per 3.5 oz serving, this fruit knows how to keep things moving for a healthy and happy digestive system. Since the goal for healthy individuals is to reach 25 grams of fiber per day, a single serving of dates will have you sailing well on your way to fantastic digestion. One study found that consuming dates for just 21 days improved regularity and gut health, which is huge for our general well-being. Maintaining a balanced microbiome in your gut plays a huge role in combating bloating, skin flareups, and even our mental health. We get it, dates aren’t cute, but you can’t judge a superfood by its color in this case because these badass brown bites come with some big-time flat-belly benefits.

An Energy Bang from Bananas
You know why Gwen Stefani chose to sing about bananas instead of, I don’t know, a pear? Because bananas are probably what kept her fueled as she sang and shimmied her way to music stardom. On top of that, Gwen likely relied on bloat-busting bananas to keep her washboard abs crop top ready at all times. So yes, the least Gwen could do was give the superfruit a shout out in a song. We’d have done the same thing if we could sing, but instead, we’ll just give you the lowdown on why we go bananas for bananas.
Studies have shown that bananas are one of the best choices for pre and post workout snackage, providing a stable energy supply while keeping blood sugar levels consistent. Beyond the extra pep-in-your-step, bananas also work wonders on giving the good bacteria in your gut a boost thanks to pectic, a resistance starch found in these fab fruits. With all of these bananalicious benefits, we’ve added this fruit to all of our cube flaves, keeping our blends B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Also, we got to give a quick “holla back, girllll” to Gwen for teaching us how to spell bananas!

We’re Nuts For Cashews
This nutritious nut is a total triple threat: it offers serious superfood health benefits, it keeps your appetite under control with a dose of healthy fats, and it makes the Mint Cacao Chip blend extra creamy. Cashews have been shown to both lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol which is major for keeping your heart healthy. These nutrient dense nuts are also high in potassium, vitamin E and B-6, and folic acid, which is the perfect recipe for a ticker that stays in tip-top shape. If you’re always trying to tame an appetite that feels like it belongs to a linebacker, then cashews will come in clutch. With a dose of slow digesting healthy fats, you’ll feel satisfied longer, and less likely to snack mindlessly throughout your day. This nut also helps to regulate your blood sugar levels so you won’t be riding the roller coaster of sugar highs and lows. Basically, we’re just trying to save you $6 and a ton of unnecessary calories that come with that afternoon latte you needed to power through a steep blood sugar crash.

The Magic of Maca
From your hormones to your headspace, maca powder really does a body good. When it comes to fertility and hormonal balance, this Peruvian root has shown some impressive results. Not only has it been shown to increase fertility, but maca root has also been shown to reduce the symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes and poor sleep. On top of that, the root has proven to help maintain strong bones, which can become an issue for menopausal women who are at a greater risk for developing osteoporosis.
Maca is also a must when it comes to mental wellness. Studies have linked maca powder to reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety while also lowering blood pressure, which researchers believe is a result of the plant’s high flavonoid content. Whether or not you’re a chronic sufferer or find yourself battling the blues on occasion, maca root is a great natural mood-boosting superfood that’ll keep you feeling good. 
Finally, we’re getting cheeky with our last maca benefit and diving into some bedroom talk (probably never thought you’d be talking about a superfood root and sex in the same breath but hey, here we are)! Maca root has been shown to increase the libido for both men and women, with one report indicating an increase in sexual desire after just 6 weeks. So if you’re looking to keep things spicy in the bedroom, make sure to add maca to your superfood mix.

Spinach, a Superfood Superstar
When it comes to superfoods, spinach my just be the most super. This power-packed plant was Popeyes snack of choice for good reason, with nutritional benefits ranging from fighting cancer to reducing inflammation, all while giving the Mint Cacao Chip blend the quintessential green hue (without having to involve any Frankenstein food dyes). If we’re diving into the detoxifying deets – this superfab superfood contains a powerful antioxidant called quercetin, which is known for its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Its also been shown to ward of infection and illness, because ain’t nobody got time for getting sick! Quercetin is just one of many major vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in spinach that contribute to total body wellness, including cancer prevention and reduced oxidative stress, which results from exposure to free radicals and leads to disease development and accelerated aging. If your goal is to look fresh and feel fresh, this leafy green is gold.

Cinnamon for the Win
Remember the cinnamon challenge? Honestly, when we look at the health benefits for this sexy spice, we throw around the idea of giving it a go. But then we remember we can just get our cinna-fix from the Mint Cacao Chip blend, and decide against taking a shot of the spice straight to the face. As the most antioxidant-rich spice out there, cinnamon does a serious number on eliminating free radicals and detoxifying your system. The anti-inflammatory spice also plays a huge part in helping to repair damaged tissue and fight off infection, which keeps you looking and feeling strong.
Beyond fighting inflammation, cinnamon is your spicey secret weapon against sugar cravings. When you consume a carbohydrate source with cinnamon, the spice actually slows the break down and digestion process, which leads to a more steady and stable release of glucose entering your bloodstream. When we’re crashing hard following a blood sugar spike, most of us will grab for more sugar, which pulls you into a sugar cycle that can be hard to break. If you’re trying to tackle a sweet tooth, then sprinkle a bit of cinnamon into your diet.

Wowed by Cacao 
The Mint Cacao Chip blend gives a double dose of this supercharged superfood, coming in hot with both cacao nibs and cacao powder. Not only are these ingredients seeping with disease-fighting antioxidants, but each also offers mega benefits for our mental health and brain. Cacao is full of the amino acid tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin, a serious mood-boosting chemical released in our brain. Additional research has attributed the superfoods spirit-lifting properties to the high flavonoid content, which was shown to increase feelings of calmness and contentment-something we could all use a bit more of in these fast-paced times. The chemical compounds in cacao work double time to keep your headspace in a good place. Beyond the positive vibes they induce, the high-octane nutrients in cacao work to fight age-related neurodegeneration and cognitive decline. If you’re looking to stay sharp and kick a case of the sads, cacao is the superfood for you!

Probiotics, the Badass Bacteria to Beat Bloat
We don’t care if you’re a Victoria’s Secret model or a competitive hot dog eater-everyone battles bloat. That’s why we’ve added probiotics to not just the Mint Cacao Chip smoothie blend, but to all of our cubes! Whether it’s bikini season or not, bloating and digestive distress is just not cute or comfortable. The badass good bacteria in probiotics are the yin to your guts yang, providing belly balance that keeps your tummy flat and your digestion running like a well oiled machine. Since we are learning more about the pivitol role our GI system and microbiome plays in our overall health, we knew these healthy bacteria had to make an appearance in our smoothie blends. So if you’re stomach is getting sassy with you, toss in a few cubes and blend your way to belly bliss.

Now that we’ve broken down the Mint Cacao Chip flave, you can see why the girl scout’s Thin Mint cookies don’t hold a candle to our bikini-ready smoothie. So next time you find yourself craving the creamy cool combo of chocolate and mint, save yourself from a cookie or ice cream sugar situation and blend up this beach-bod friendly blend.

Needing some new recipes to take your Mint Cacao Chip obsession to the next level? We have the perfect Thin Mint Cookie Nice Cream recipe to keep you thriving all summer long!

– 10 Mint Cacao Chip Cubes
– 1 Frozen Banana
– 1 Scoop of Chocolate Protein Powder
– 3/4 cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk *add in more liquid if you prefer your nice cream to be a little thinner.
– Optional: if you want a little more sweetness add 1 tbs of honey or maple syrup 
Need toppings? Slice bananas, a little Live Pure Granola, and a touch of honey drizzle!