Probiotics: The Kickass Cultures That’ll Beat the Bloat

You’re a gold star, healthy hustler. Your daily sweat sessions are more consistent than a Kardashian’s selfie game. Your diet is so clean, even Gwyneth Paltrow or Tom Brady would give their stamp of approval. 

So why is your stomach bloat hanging around like that one guest that was never invited to the party, yet still happens to be hovering around the snack table long after everyone else has packed out for the night? I’ve got a hunch that the answer might have a little something to do with your “regularity”. And while your bathroom sched might not be chicest of topics to discuss, I’ve got the secret ingredient that’ll have you beating the bloat in no time! Add in a few (billion) of bacteria’s best’s, and we give you…Probiotics! These tiny live cultures, found naturally in some of your favorite foods, are a serious game-changer when it comes to gut health and digestion, which is why you’ll find them in every single flavor of Live Pure Cubes

Today, we’re playing probiotic paparazzi and zoning in on some of the benefits this superfood ingredient offers up and how they’ll help you to wave buh-bye to belly bloat for good!


Bringing Balance Back

Your gut is the home to an intricate community of microorganisms that play a massively important role in your health and digestion. And not unlike anything else in life, balance is key to keeping things running smoothly…literally. As a “good” bacteria, a high-quality probiotic will counteract the effects of a gut that’s been overrun by the “bad” (as in, actually bad, not the “get down with your bad self”, fabulous kind of bad) bacteria. This digestive realignment will provide a total-body glow-up that includes reduced water retention, constipation, and bloating that are all side effects of a sluggish system.

Good Mood from your Food

A probiotic is truly a “look good, feel good” ingredient. While keeping your gut health in check, these magic microorganisms have also been linked to improving the effects of some serious mental health conditions. Studies have shown that regular consumption of a probiotic can decrease the symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, elevated stress, and even improve memory! 
So go with your gut (pun intended) and give yourself some probiotic-fueled peace of mind and positive vibes.

Opportunity to Boost Your Immunity

Is your hand sanitizing habit getting a little…out of hand? Are you poppin’ vitamin C tablets like tic tacs? Trust me, I get it. Avoiding the flu or the nasty cold strain that’s floating around your office or kids playground can feel like a full time job. Who’d have guessed that your best immune boosting bet would come from bacteria?!
Probiotics have been shown to not only increase the production of antibodies (your immunity soldiers) in your system, but have also been shown to decrease the rate of acquiring certain types of infections. So put down the Airborne and step away from the disinfectant wipes-it’s time to start battling bugs from the inside out!

A Permanent “Peace Out” to the Pooch

By now, you’ve got the jist on how probiotics can help to eliminate that dreaded belly bloat. But what if I told you that these incredible live cultures can help you whittle your waist and lose some actual, real deal weight! Probiotics can help you peel off the pounds in some incredible ways, such as increasing satiety (so you’re left feeling fuller, longer), limiting body fat storage (particularly in the belly region! Do we think the hashtag #BikiniBodBacteria will start trending? Okay, maybe i’m a little too caught up in some live culture love), and increasing your average daily calorie burn! Another probiotic weight loss win? That healthy gut bacteria actually prevents the absorption of some dietary fat, which happens to be the most calorically dense macronutrient per gram. Consuming a live culture probiotic just became the easiest form of calorie cutting you’ve never heard of!


So now that i’ve officially boasted on behalf of these bada$$ bacterial cultures, it’s time to go grab yourself a probiotic-packed snack (aka LP smoothie) and get to balancing your belly and hyping up your health!