Skinny Swaps: Summer Snack Edition

Ah summer, the time when we have more sunblock on our bods than we do clothing. Not only does rocking an itty, bitty bikini help us beat the heat, but it’s also a pretty big motivator to keep things tight with a healthy diet. However more often than not,  these long lazy days lounging poolside involve a whole lot of snacking with a side of boozy sips. 

Hey, we’re the last to tell you to nix the nachos and margs altogether, but it’s always a good idea to balance out the naughty treats with foods that leave us looking and feeling fabulous. That’s why we’re chit-chatting about a few of our fave skinny swaps for some summertime grub that really throws off your health game. Ain’t nobody got time for a sodium tum when they’re bikini ballin’! Read on for our favorite hot bod snack hacks to have you living your best life all summa long!

Summer Time Skinny Swaps

Naughty nosh: Potato Chips
Cals per serving: 150
Skinny Swap: Homemade Pita Chips
Cals per serving: 60
When you just can’t shake a salt craving, this skinny swap is a real lifesaver and a total winner for the waistline. Plus it’s stupid simple to prep! All you need to do is grab one of our fave bikini-friendly whole wheat pitas, slice it up into 8 wedges, and give the slices a quick spritz with coconut oil cooking spray. Add just a sprinkle of pink Himalayan sea salt, then throw those slices onto a cookie sheet and into the oven. Bake at 375 for 12-15 minutes, and voila! You’ve got the perfect skinny summertime snack to shoot down the sodium sabotage that comes with traditional potato chip. Don’t let our simple recipe hold you back from getting a little sassy with your crunchy snack! Go on with your bad self and spice these guys up with whatever floats your boat! Make em’ sweet with a sprinkle of cinnamon and coconut sugar, or spice it up with a dash of chilli powder. These pita chips are like your go-to little black dress, fancy them up or just keep it classic and simple.

Naughty Nosh: Hot Dog
Cals per serving: 270
Skinny Swap: Chicken Sausage Kabob
Cals per serving: 110
Not only are hot dogs high in calories, but this franken-food is chock-full of terrifying ingredients that read off like the lyrics to a Korean pop song. A good rule of thumb? If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t eat it. We get it, hot dogs and summer BBQ’s just go hand in hand and indulging in a perfectly grilled frank just puts you in your feels. There’s just something about hot dogs that’s a bit nostalgic and has you feeling like a kid again. However, you probably don’t still have the metabolism of a hyperactive ten-year-old, so it’s probably a good idea to dodge the dogs more often than not.
If you’re a total dog diva, don’t fret, our skinny swap still includes a frank, it’s just fit n’ fierce friendly. To prep these killer kabobs,  take one of these natural franks (which uses ingredients that don’t require a translator) and slice it up into bite-sized pieces to skewer onto your kabob stick.  Then, alternate the sausage bites with any of your favorite veggies to build your perfect kabob! Some of our produce picks include zucchini, onion, bell pepper, and summer squash, but you can throw on whatever veggies you dig! And if you want to throw in a tropical twist, you can even add a few chunks of pineapple for a snippet of sweet. So ditch the dogs, forget the franks, and get ready to grill up some good-for-you grub!

Cocktail carb-fest: Margarita
Cals per serving: 680 (yikes!)
Skinny Swap: Pink Dragon Margarita
Cals per serving: 234 (hell yeah!)
If you’re anything like us, you’ll agree that the only way to improve a beautiful summer sunset is to spice up the serenity with a spiked sip. We know that during the summer months, really any hour can become happy hour when you’re looking to quench your thirst after a day spent basking in the sun. And nothing levels up an afternoon of lounging poolside quite like a margarita does. But with 680 empty calories and a whole lot of sugar, you better be ready to go from fiesta to fitness if you want to work off your carb-heavy cocktail.  For a lighter boozy bev, try our Pink Dragon Margarita! This easy peasy skinny swap is an awesome way to sip on some superfoods while still getting a taste of tequila. Simply blend up 10 Pitaya Protein Superfood cubes with ¾ cup of vanilla coconut milk and a 1.5 oz shot of fun, i.e. your tequila of choice. Then just blend it all up and you’ve got the ultimate summer skinny sip! It’s the perfect way to cool down while you turn up!

Naughty Nosh: S’mores
Cals per serving: 250
Skinny Swap: Fire Roasted Chocolate Banana Bites
Cals per serving: 100
Nothing screams summertime treat quite like s’mores do. And while some of us like our marshmallows burnt to a crisp and others prefer our mallows golden like a fresh spray tan, we can all agree that this simple summer sweet is delicious. Another thing we can agree on? A s’mores is not the best treat to go for when you’re trying to stay summertime fine.
If you find yourself hit with a craving for one of these sweet little sandwiches, try out our fire-roasted chocolate banana bites! All you have to do is slice up a banana into thirds and skewer that fab fruit just like you would a marshmallow. Then roast each bite sized banana chunk over the grill or campfire until it gets a caramelized crisp going. Take your golden banana bite off the skewer and make a slice right down the middle, making a mini banana boat . Stuff a square of dark chocolate into your banana boat and enjoy! This little treat will tackle any sugar craving and also gives you a boost of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Oh, and it’s 100% beach-bod certified so you’ll stay chiseled while indulging in a little chocolate #winning.