LP ASKS: Co-founder, Tiffany Tatom

We sat down with co-founder Tiffany Tatom for a LP Asks session and this girl knows how to have some fun. Originally from New York and background in marketing, Tiffany has always had a hustle mentality. In fact, she has more energy than 98% of this world. After meeting her husband Matt, they settled in a beautiful small town in central VA to raise their 3 boys. Tiffany opened a children’s boutique and moved on to health coaching before teaming up with her current business partner Mary, to run a corporate wellness business. She enjoys weekends in Wintergreen skiing with her family and summer days at Smith Mountain Lake having a few LP cocktails. 

What’s your morning routine?

Wake up from my hubby kissing me on the cheek as he leaves for work. It sounds so cheesy but it’s my favorite way to way to wake up. Especially because he works so much, so it is basically a form of communication until we see each other again 12 hours later. After my feet hit the ground the ONLY PLACE I WALK TO IS MY COFFEE POT. I know, I should start off with a big glass of water with lemon and maybe some cayenne….. but that never happens in my real life. As my dreamy coffee is brewing (Laird is my new fave beans) I hug and love on my dogs; Luna (a white fluff ball, Samoyed) and the love of my life dog, Jovie (a rescue from the Humane Society). NOW, the coffee is ready. I grab myself a cup, open the door for the pups to go outside and head upstairs to my son’s room. I don’t just wake him. I watch him sleep and wonder every single morning how he got so old!

What’s your fave healthy recipe?

My first thought is to give you a smoothie cube recipe….but I won’t. So I know avocado toast has become a big thing everywhere. But this recipe is my favorite because it is amped up with spice and crunch. The reason I adore avocado toast is I can be starving and within 5 minutes I am stuffing my face with a satisfying, filling, and healthy meal. Check this one out, it will not disappoint. 

What’s your workout routine?

If I don’t workout……..you should run away from me for your life. Ask my family, it is the actual truth. I do workout because I like it but I also work out because my mind NEEDS it. I have an awesome gym in town called Iron & Grace that I adore. I see all my fun peeps and talk way too much in class. Every week I do a mixture of Barre, Power Barre, TRX, and Pilates. I love them all. I’m lucky. Some people hate working out but it is actually something I have always looked forward too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like ALL workouts, I choose the ones I like and avoid the others like the plague. 

My other fave part of working out (actually not really a work out)  is walking my pups. I go to this gorgeous field with barns and pastures and do a 2-3 mile loop. This part of my day is 100% for my soul. I watch the pups run around like it is the best day of their life and it clears my mind and makes me feel happy.
In the summer I do love to paddle board at Smith Mountain Lake about an hour from my house. Helps me get rid of my summer weekend hangovers. I think I hit a record this summer.

What’s your go to beauty product/brand that you can’t live without?

 If you know me, you would know I never even owned a jar of face cream, face wash, concealer, foundation or much else until I was about 45. Then I was like, holy crap, I need to invest in some of this shi*&. And why the hell didn’t I do some preventative care. 

So now, I actually own stuff. Andalou Shampoo and Conditioner because it smells like a creamsicle and makes my hair soft. Acure face wash that I grab at Whole Foods, African Black Soap body cream because I smell like a freaking vanilla ice cream cone. But, the only go to beauty product I can’t live without is a supplement for Hair, Skin and Nails by New Chapter and I PROMISE YOU it has changed my hair 100%. I chose this brand because you only had to take ONE capsule a day and I was gagging on the other brands when I had to take many more.  Of course I did research it to make sure that it is a clean brand and that I wasn’t killing myself trying to get beautiful hair! It has also made a noticeable difference to my skin and nails too. My nails are way stronger and my face just looks better. Not great, but better.

What do you thrive off of? When you’re feeling a lull or down in the dumps what revives you?

My kids. My pups. My hubby. (just realized I put the hubby last–I was going to edit this out but it’s funny–Because I sometimes put him last although in reality he is the absolute ROCK of my life AND of the family. Matt, you know I love you. You are never “really” last.) My family are the cheerleaders in my life and I can’t survive without them. 

I am revived with  a hard work out. I can be in a total crap mood and when I come out of a good TRX or pilates class WITH FRIENDS I feel amped. Sort of on the opposite spectrum I am also revived by hanging with my fam and friends and having a glass or two of Rose. My new craze is White House Sparkling in a can. Beware. It’s a half damn bottle in one can and it goes down like seltzer. Last but not least is talking with my business partner Mary. Live Pure is our shared baby. It’s tough and stressful often, BUT it’s our dream and we are living it together. 

When you go out what cocktail/drink do you order?

Although I LOVE cocktails, I’m not a huge cocktail girl because I am such a lightweight (ask my friends who have been with me drinking tequila) and I want to have more than one when I go out.  So I always have wine. NEVER red because it makes me feel super woozy. I gravitate to a Willamette Valley Pinot Gris or of course, Rose. I am also a HUGE fan of the bubbly and truly feel in my heart that if someone ever offers you some champagne you should undeniably take it every single time.

What’s your fave IG/blogs to follow?

Hmmmm. I must say I am and have been forEVER obsessed with Goldie Hawn. For those of you who don’t know her, she is Kate Hudson’s mom. I really like Kate as well. Mainly because I am in love with her Mom and they look so much alike. Weird, I know.

I also like Earthy Andy and want to come back in my next life and be her. For real. Sometimes I can’t even look at her pics because they are SO PERFECT and i actually find myself wanting to be her!

Favorite fashion blogger is Day In My Dreams. Her name is Kristina and her style is TO DIE FOR. I will most likely find out where she lives, become her friend, and steal things from her closet.

What’s your fave cube combo?

Oh Lord. Great Question. But I have SO, SO, SO MANY answers to this. I go in phases. For some people they go in phases with Italian, Chinese, Steak and Pasta. But my phases are always smoothie cube combination phases.  

Recently I was introduced to a new cube combo that my friend Caro made for me and I never had this combo; it was 3/4 Acai cubes, 1/4 Pitaya cubes and vanilla coconut milk. Everyone should stop reading and eat this immediately. It’s way more fun eating than reading this anyway. 
I can’t just give you one. Sorry. It is actually impossible. Just last week it was 1/2 mint cacao and 1/2 chocolate PB and J. And before that it was 1/2 Game Changer, 1/2 Churro with an extra TBS of peanut butter. There are many more but I will stop here. Check out the Live Pure Mix and Match Menu!

Traveling is so fun but can take a serious hit on your body, what are some ways that you stay healthy while traveling?

PROBIOTICS, PROBIOTICS, PROBIOTICS. If I can ship the cubes to my destination I do. For real. I actually ship them everywhere I go and it keeps me regular and so happy. If not, I take two Garden of Life probiotics to help keep me “going.” I also have to remind myself to drink LOTS OF WATER. When I forget it messes me up big time.

After hustling everyday. What do you look forward to doing when you finally close the computer and have that last phone call?

Work is never really out of my mind. I try, but I’m not that good at it yet. But what I always look forward to is hitting the couch and snuggling up with the  fam and watching a movie, cooking show or Shark Tank.

Do you ever try different diets or cleanses?

I hate diets. As a health coach I have had hundreds and hundreds of people who were dieting and then gain it all back after the diet and then they would come to me feeling defeated and have more weight on than before the diet! Diets are not sustainable to me. If they work and you like them, go for it. I am a huge believer that we are all different and do what works for YOU. What I have found is instead of dieting, make a lifestyle change that you can stick with. Even if it is as simple as adding 8-10 glasses of water into your daily life. That alone can make a huge difference. 

Cleanses? I don’t like juice cleanses because I get super bloated. However, I don’t mind a smoothie cleanse. I feel good, don’t get hungry which means I don’t get cranky, and I look forward to the next smoothie every time. 

If you could say one thing to your readers what what it be?

Find what makes you feel truly happy and surround yourself with positive people.