LP ASKS: Co-founder, Mary

Mary lives in Encinitas, CA located in North County San Diego with her 2 children and husband, Mackin.  After health coaching and running a corporate wellness company with her BF and business partner, Tiffany-they moved on to start Live Pure.  Her best days are spent on the beach with her family or the baseball stadium yelling obscenities at the opposing team. JK, she only thinks about it.    

What’s your morning routine?

First of all, I do not lay in bed at all and I am somewhat of an early bird. As soon as I open my eyes I am UP. If I lay in bed for than 3 minutes I become super groggy. I do not have much of a “routine” but I do have habits that I have tried to break a few times. Like, not looking at my phone for 30 minutes and letting my mind be at peace… but as soon as I hit the coffee pot and heat up water for my hot lemon “elixir” I pull up orders and scan what is going out for the day. I then go strait to my email to answer any customer service questions that may be pending. I have anxiety leaving anyone hanging and want to get back to people ASAP so it puts me at ease to enjoy the rest of the morning by getting that out of the way immediately. I then sip on my hot lemon water, make my kids breakfast and try and sit with them while they eat to begin the day. No one brightens my morning like my kid’s sleepy eyes and toothy smiles first thing in the morning. I wish I had more an extensive, interesting answer but I do swear by hot lemon water. I can totally tell a difference if I do not have that before my coffee and smoothie.

What’s your fave healthy recipe?

Non alcoholic? I have a whole lot of favorite recipes but I really want to share Tiffany and I’s favorite kale salad recipe we always share with clients and friends. Food Babe shared it a while ago and we have been getting people hooked ever since.. I get so annoyed by restaurants who make boring salads without really thinking it through. There’s much more to a salad than cut-too thick onion, whole cherry tomatoes, fake parm and nasty dressing on romaine lettuce. No wonder people hate salads. We always introduced 3 things to our clients when working in corporate wellness. It was The Game Changer, Our Favorite Salad recipes, and water!

What’s your workout routine?

BY FAR, cycle. My favorite cycle studio, Rush Cycle is right up the street. There’s  something about cycle that brings out the competitive nature in me. I love to sweat and really “feel” a workout and it strait up kicks my ass. Shoutout to all the instructors who are 100% on point with the music and inspirational vibes. You’re practically dancing on bikes and can really test yourself by pushing it harder every class. I also love that I can be in and out in an hour and feel like I got a great workout. It’s a really cool, fun class with a great environment pushing people from all levels. I obviously love it..
I also live in an area that is bike friendly so I try to use mine as much as possible to get around. We walk/run the canyons and hit the ocean often. If anything is “off” I always try to cycle and jump in the ocean- even if it’s just for 20 minutes. Sorry you asked, huh? Exercise and activity is super important to me to keep me sane.

What’s your go to beauty product/brand that you cant live without?

WATER. That may be an obnoxious answer but it makes the BIGGEST difference. I am just getting into beauty products and I love the idea of preventative care. I put Vital Proteins beauty collagen in my smoothies ( I swear by ) because I truly beleive that what you eat/drink is #1. I am also mildly obsessed with using oil to remove makeup (I HATE any ounce of makeup on my face at night), a good cleanse and then applying Hyalauronic Acid and Vitamin C oil toner. I love Andalou right now. My skin has been so much brighter and healthier with all of the above. Now that we are in SD and always in the sun, I am sure to wear sunscreen as well. I have also just discovered Kopari and slowly changing over to “everything Kopari” and loving it. 

What do you thrive off of? When you’re feeling a lull or down in the dumps what revives you?

Salt water 1000%. A road trip if possible… a hardcore workout… I have a lot of ideas.
Also, a drink with my husband and quality time with my kids. I find my sister, Kelly to be amazingly comforting to kick any homesick feels. I can always count on her to life me up. 

When you go out what cocktail/drink do you order?

Extra spicy “skinny” margarita. Being in SD, they are not hard to come by but we have our go-to places. Or I ask for a tequila & soda with extra lime and jalapeño.

What’re your fave IG/blogs to follow?

OHHH so many! Just to name a few off the top of my head…
For style: @rockybarnes, @thehautepursuit, @thesaltyblonde, thefashionlush (and Linda)
Witty/Beauty: @theskinnyconfidential, @jenatkinhair –  I adore her personality SO much and love her hubs @mrmikerosenthal as well. Their stories are fun! 
Laughs: @ariellevandenburg, @barstoolsports
Recipes/Home Inspo: @designlovefest 
I also love sports so @theplayerstribune
@courtneyishot bc she literally makes me cry/laugh in a DM second

What’s your fave cube combo?

This week? Ha
6 Churro + 6 Acai and cold pressed coffee
Also, 7 Pitaya and 4 Skinny Peach with coconut water. All phases. (check out Live Pure’s cube re-mix here)


Traveling is so fun but can take a serious hit on your body, what are some ways that you stay healthy while traveling?

TONS of water, I try to find kombucha to restore and keep my gut healthy. I travel with my simple skin care products, and always try to figure out a place to exercise or stay active. Otherwise, I am pretty YOLO the whole time. Bc, vacation.

After hustling everyday. what do you look forward to doing when you finally close the computer and have that last phone call?

It never ends. I usually try to “time” a break from meetings and constant computer work late afternoon to be with my family and get my kids where they need to be. That is another reason I start work super early. I really try be present with my kids so afternoons are important. I usually jump back on the computer around 8 pm with either a homemade drink, kombucha or water and finish up pending emails and projects for a couple hours while my kids read. I find it calming to work at night so I can concentrate and go to sleep knowing I tied up the day pretty well. But Fridays? The beach, a margarita with my husband.. I think what everyone longs for. A little fun!

Do you ever try different diets or cleanses?

F no. I hate diets. I am all about a juice or smoothie cleanse, though! 

If you could say one thing to your readers what what it be?

Besides Live Pure Cubes will change your life? Fake it until you make it and do not be afraid fail. I have learned that “failing” is only another opportunity to adjust and become better. Believe me, I have done it a lot. Be nice and try to understand perspective. Our world has a really hard time with that. 

Oh, go watch KoKo the gorilla’s campaign message before she passed. Okay, enough of me.