Live Pure – WEEK THREE

We are half way through the #LPCHALLENGE and this week is all about YOU! Welcome to this weeks challenge – Compliment!

What to look forward to this week?
* Continue to replace a meal with a smoothie/smoothie bowl – Take a pic of your smoothie or smoothie bowl and show us how you are living pure every day – don’t forget #LPCHALLENGE!
* Drink at least 10 glasses of water – Are you not craving that water in your life now? I mean how did we even function before?
* Movement – Work for it babe! You are becoming your stronger you!
* Compliment – This week is all about you babe! We are definitely our worst critic and it is time to practice that self love that we all should have been practicing long long ago. You deserve all the love!

This week is definitely is one of the harder weeks, but that’s why we wanted to include it in our mind, body & soul #LPCHALLENGE. Self love is crucial and often forgotten about. For tips, tricks & support this week don’t forget to check in our private facebook group

Now lets get that glass of wine that we all deserve – Week Three is starting NOW love! Xo