Live Pure – WEEK FOUR

We are narrowing down on the #LPCHALLENGE and we have loved focusing the mind, body & soul. This week encompasses all three elements. Welcome to this weeks challenge – Meditation!

What to look forward to this week? 
* Continue to replace a meal of your choice with a smoothie/smoothie bowl. Are you questioning how you ever lived without the cubs? We always do. 
* Drink at least 10 glasses of water – what even is low energy & brain fog? Definitely left them in 2019. 
* Movement – You’re sexy an you know it! Challenge – try a new workout class! Classpass has amazing deals 10/10 recommend! 
* Compliment – continue to shower yourself with compliments and self love – do what makes YOU happy.  
* Meditation – this week is all about the state of being & silencing your mind – easier said than done right? The tips below will definitely help aid you one step closer into being a meditation guru. 

Practice. Practice. Practice. Don’t give up – definitely find what works best for YOU. Keep us updated on your progress through our #LPCHALLENGE facebook group – we love hearing about your journey to living pure!

Now light your favorite candles, set the mood, and find your inner peace. Xo