Live Pure – WEEK TWO

Week one is complete and we are SO ready to conquer week two of the #LPCHALLENGE! This week is all about – Movement!

What to look forward this week?
* Continue to replace a meal with a smoothie/smoothie bowl – they are so addicting, we seriously would not be surprised if you wake up craving the frozen little beauties! Have you tried mixing your cubes? Check out ideas here! Do not forget these guys are super versatile. Have spinach about to turn bad? Freeze it and add it to your smoothies! Still hungry? Add PB,Almond, or Cashew Butter to your smoothie or drizzle on top for a protein boost. Extra berries, a half banana, etc.  Any questions? If you’re a Challenger ask away in our 30 Day Challenge Private FB group!
* Continue to drink at least 10 glasses of water – if you can get more in definitely drink more. Also, have you noticed a peak in your energy? We def do.
* Movement – this week is all about you working towards that booty, those abs, & ultimately being your stronger you!

Below are the links of some the workout videos that we absolutely l-o-v-e!

We only have heart eyes for the Tone It Up babes. Their workouts are killer! Here are a few of our faves:
Total Body Strength Workout
* Leg Day Slay
Arms + Mega Abs 
Meta-Boost Burner ~ Total Body Metabolism-Revving Workout 

We get our booties kicked by our fave empowering gal Lacey Stone. You will end up exhausted by the end of her HIIT workouts but it is p.s. she is hilarious! Here are a few of our faves:
Legs – Butt – Core – Triceps 
Full Body Workout : Legs – Abs – Arms 
Abs & Legs

YOU got this! Don’t forget to check in with us on our private facebook group. We LOVE keeping up with you babes so don’t forget to tag us using #LPCHALLENGE. Tagging scores extra entries to our Grand Prize announced in Feb!

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Now – let’s kick some booty! Week two starts NOW.