Kid Friendly Recipe Hacks That Will Have Your Little Ones Begging For More!

Have you been trying to get your energy bunny to eat more fruits and veggies? Heck – maybe even get them to indulge in something that wont make them crinkle their perfect little nose and look at you with such disgust…aka the classic stank face.

Our Live Pure Smoothies are the perfect solution! Why go through the trouble of looking up endless recipes that require 15 ingredients to clean, chop, measure, and honestly may have a few drops of sweat and one or two tears added to the mixture? We want your time in the kitchen with your kids to be enjoyable but also minimal. With a few of our fave recipe hacks we guarantee your kiddos will be begging for more “Live Pure Ice Cream” – fun fact: we have actually been compared to ice cream!

Recipe Hacks
– We are HUGE on zero waste! Instead of using the usual 10 cubes per serving, customize it. 5,6,7 cubes…you know your children better than anyone else, decide what their perfect serving size is!
– Needing a little more sweetness to your cubes? Add 1-2 medjool dates! Or if you don’t have this delish fruit handy, add in one tablespoon of pure organic maple syrup – that’ll do the trick!
– Wanting to only use a few of your coveted cubes? Throw in a banana, this will sweeten and bulk up the smoothie. It’s basically a win/win situation!
– Get creative! Instead of using the usual LP smoothie names like Acai Maqui or Pitaya Protein – come up with names that will get them excited! For example – the Very Berry Fairy or the Pink Firey Dragon…what kids wouldn’t want to eat that!
– Have fun! Let you child be in the kitchen with you. Let them put the cubes in the blender and press the on button, this alone with bring out the excitement in their innocent big beautiful eyes.
– It’s time to decorate! Have you seen the beautiful smoothie bowls that almost look too perfect to devour? Bring out your Live Pure Organic Granola, healthy cereals (we personally are obsessed with Love Grown kids cereal and Nature’s Path Organic kids cereal),  and of course berries. Lay it all out as a topping bar and have your child decorate their smoothie bowl – arts and craft anyone?

By incorporating these few easy hacks, your kid will be licking their bowl clean and asking for more fruits and veggies in no time!  

Came up with a few hacks of your own? Share them with us. You can tag us @livepurecubes – we love following along and seeing how YOU are using our frozen little beauties!