Build a Better Brunch: Superfood Swaps for your Supermom

Ahhhh mom, how’d you do it? She loved us through labor, tamed our toddler tantrums, and somehow managed to tolerate us as angsty teens. Like, seriously, how?…If someone deserves first place in every competition or award show out there, it would have to be her. She earned her Oscar for her leading role playing the the part of someone who actually liked our childhood artwork-even when our portrait of mommy looked more like a scene from the Exorcist.

She won the gold for her epic sprints through Target, Toys R Us (#RIP), and the most crowded malls imaginable searching for every last item on our Christmas list – even when she knew we’d be over it by the New Year (I do wonder what ever happened to that Tickle Me Elmo…real talk, that guy was a little creepy). And she absolutely deserves that Grammy for every “unique” rendition of “Happy Birthday” she belted out for us each year. Hey, we even appreciate the voicemail remixed versions she sang when she couldn’t be with us on our special day. In the wise words of another Grammy winner – Mr. Kanye West, “she’s the #GOAT”, but don’t tell her that – she’ll probably think you’re comparing her to a farm animal rather than proclaiming her greatness.

We love you mom! And to show her how thankful we are for putting up with us through all of the chaos we threw her way, we crafted the perfect superfood brunch using simple ingredient swaps with huge, health boosting benefits. So mom kickback, relax, and get ready to soak up all of the tasty, good-for-you goodness with this Mother’s Day brunch-FEAST!

But First, Coffee
Skip the sugarly, chemical-laced creamer with ingredients that sound like a mix between a disease and a Dr. Seuss character, and make mom a superfood coffee! Simply brew a normal pot of joe just the way she likes it and stir in a scoop of collagen protein powder (amazing for hair, skin, and nails! Got to keep mom lookin’ fly, right?), plus a tablespoon of Ghee (a clarified form of butter) or coconut oil for some healthy fats. This kicked-up caffeine concoction is a wellness game-changer: the addition of protein and fat create the perfect mix of satiating, superfood staying power that’ll have mom looking and feeling fabulous all day long. If only she’d known about this liquid perfection when she was chasing us around as hyperactive kiddos – life changing.

The Better For You, Basic B Staple
We all know that there are four main prerequisites for true millennial status: An instagram account, an obsession with the Kardashians (preferably Kylie, Kim’s a bit too “2013” for the millenial taste), and an infatuation with all things pumpkin and ugg boots come fall. The fourth item necessary to achieve true basic B standing? A love for avocado toast – which you’ll likely photograph for IG because, as a true basic B you gotta #doitforthegram. So while your mom may not care much about the Kardashian Kingdom, ugg boots, or maybe even social media, she’ll still go nuts for this superfood swap.

We’re pulling a foodie fast-one on what seems to be the delicacy of our decade by swapping out the standard bread that’s a staple of the OG recipe. Instead, replace the bready carbo-cushion with thin sliced, oven baked sweet potato “toast”! Slice a large tater length wise to create the most surface area (this is important, more surface area means more ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! And by that, we mean avocado goodness). Throw your tato-toast into the oven or even the toaster and then top that guy off with as much avo as your mama can handle!

Since Sweet potato is a complex, slow-digesting carb and avocado is one of the most fabulous fat sources out there, this recipe will have mom feeling seriously supercharged by this nutrient packed potato plate! And don’t fret millenials, avo-tato toast is still “gram worthy”-it’s quirky in that cool, hipster kind of way and bound to land you some serious likes.

A Sweet Send Off
Since we’re talking brunch, it’s obviously acceptable to top off our Mother’s day meal with a treat. Hey, it’s not technically breakfast so it’s totally cool to dive into a little AM dessert action. The good news? This recipe is a sneaky superfood sweet, so mom won’t even know her brunch indulgence is actually incredibly healthy! Instead of the nutritionally void breakfast parfait that involves fake, artificially flavored yogurt, overly processed granola, and more sugar than TWO Krispy Kreme donuts (we’re not kidding…), we’re combining an easy mix of natural ingredients that create quite the wholesome confection-chia pudding!

To make this deceptively decadent dessert, combine unsweetened yogurt (our favorites include greek yogurt, icelandic yogurt, or coconut yogurt), a splash of your milk of choice (we LOVE unsweetened vanilla plant based milks), a few tablespoons of chia seeds, and a dash of natural sweetener-we’d go for organic honey or real maple syrup. Stir everything up and let it set for several hours or overnight to thicken up, and trust us, she gets thicccc. When you’re ready to serve this sweet goodness, top the pudding with her favorite fruits, chopped nuts, a pinch of shredded coconut, a sprinkle of cacao nibs,  and a dash…or two of cinnamon. We promise, she’ll have no idea this creamy treat is definitely diet friendly. But hey, the proof is in the pudding, pun totally intended! The mashup of omega-3 rich chia seeds, antioxidant powered cacao, and the protein plus probiotic packed yogurt, makes this recipe a major wellness win!

This mothers day, show your mom how much you love her with these super-delish superfood dishes that’ll have her feeling like the queen that she is.
Love you mom! Xx