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60 Immune-boosting 13 ounce smoothies of every flavor plus your favorite Superfood Granola! No blender needed. You can shake the smoothie cubes into a smoothie, let melt over your choice of liquid and layer for a perfect smoothie parfait or use them to boost your recipes at home! Stock at home or split your package with family, friends, and neighbors.

Includes 10 large bags of 60 cube, 1 small bag of 20 cubes, and 1 bag of granola.


  • 12 Pitaya Protein
  • 12 Acai Maqui
  • 12 Game Changer
  • 6 Churro
  • 6 Skinny Peach
  • 6 Chocolate PB&J
  • 6 Mint Cacao
  • Organic Superfood Vanilla Granola
  • LIMITED TIME: 2 Epic Mango
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