LP Asks: Fitness Guru & Girl Boss Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly – fitness guru, total hustler, & epitome of a girl boss. Kim’s goal is to inspire people daily, while always having fun. If you’re ever in San Diego you definitely need to take a kick ass workout with our girl – be prepared for amazing music, lots of fun, and lots of sweat! If you’re not in SD… GOOD NEWS she has released videos for kick ass at home work outs – you can follow our babe @kimkellyfit!

Cubers, meet Kim Kelly!

What does your morning routine look like?

Fast and furious! Haha I teach at the studio at an early hour so I do not have time to cook or deal with any of that. Right after I wake up I drink spark, mix in some greens, shake it up & drink it. I then take my vitamins, catalyst, & make a quick protein shake so I can take that on the road with me, Live Pure of course! 

You’re such an inspiration to so many people, who inspires you?

Bottom line just anyone who is passionate about what they’re doing. Whether they’re an artist, a painter, chef, a musician etc! I have a good friend/client that’s a musician and when I watch her perform my eyes just light up.
Whenever someone’s doing what they love doing and are passionate about that, that inspires me because I know that I am that to fitness. I love it, I breath it, I think it – it just never leaves my mind. And it’s not because I’m obsessed, I’m just so passionate about it. So I respect and look up to others who have found that in their lives and are doing what their passionate about.

When your traveling how do you stay on your workout grind?

It’s part of me, I just make time for it. I don’t really start my day off wherever I am unless I have done some type of activity. Whether it’s a walk or run through the town of Italy, or I’m out exploring I will find a bench  get some push ups, triceps dips, & steps ups in. I’m really about that when I’m on vacation, I really utilize whatever I can outdoors. Regardless of the  environment, whether it’s a beach town or European city – I get moving!

So right now there are a TON of health fads going around (intermittent fasting, celery juice etc.).
Have you tried any of them? If so, which ones do you love/hate?

There’s a lot – I don’t do any of them haha! I don’t do keto, paleo and I’m not gluten free or vegan. I do eat organic white meat, love fish, and I believe in healthy carbohydrates and fats. I believe in an every three hour system of eating. I stay well hydrated, I try to get 7-8 hrs of sleep, AND I make sure that I drop in a whole bunch of fun with that!

What is your fave post workout meal? 

I love the protein shakes! They are SO filling and they taste like you just had a dessert when you know they’re not. I know what’s in them especially Live Pure – I see their label, I just taste the freshness . It tastes so yummy to me and it fills me up with healthy fat, protein & fiber. For me it’s the best after a workout because not only does it taste so good but it stays with me. If I have a client coming in shortly after it doesn’t mess up with my digestive system. 

What is your go to cocktail? 

Now we’re talking haha! Tequila! I love silver tequila usually neat with lime but I’ll also do a good vodka soda. In the summer I love adding watermelon and fresh lime. I like to keep it pretty basic – I don’t like mixed drinks and I’m not a big wine drinker. I just love tequila haha.

Sometime finding time to workout can be super hard. Some people never find that passion or love for it.
If you can give one piece of advice to our cubes what would it be?

Start with something you like! Once you start doing it, it’s almost like an addiction – those feel good chemicals in your brain are released: serotonin, dopamine & adrenalin – and then it’s hard to not want to go back to it. But you have to find out what it is you like! Is it yoga, barre, circuit training, beach hikes/walks, running/jogging etc. there are endless things to choose from and it’s not a one size fits all. You just have to figure out what you like best and find a studio/environment your happiest and most comfortable in, then you miss not want to miss it!