It’s the season for apple picking, sitting by the fire, cozy nights, and lets not forget about the everything pumpkin – pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, pumpkin decor (I mean it’s almost impossible to not want to decorate with those cuties), pumpkin scented candles (mine is currently burning and I am living for it), pumpkin pie, and of course the pumpkin spice latte. Now I know that pumpkin has somewhat become a fad throughout the years and many may say that it is a definite fall staple – BUT did you know that the health benefits are actually INSANE? At Live Pure, we can’t help but jump on the pumpkin train and become pumpkin addicts; not only during this fall season but all year round!

Here are the top three amazing benefits/reasons to live, sleep, breathe pumpkin:

1. Immunity Booster – high in vitamins A, C & E aka key proponent in fighting flu season.

2. Promotes Weight Loss – eating a cup of pumpkin is under 50 calories plus it’s a nutrient dense food, YAS.

3. Glowing Skin – the abundance of vitamins in pumpkin help produce collagen- which promotes strong, healthy, & glowing skin. Bring on the natural highlight!

So, our favorite fall staple brings the nutrients as well?! Can you say AMAZE? We love a cube remix and that is why we have perfected the most delicious Pumpkin Spice Superfood Smoothie to spice up your fall meal plan. Don’t forget to tag us @livepurecubes to share your fave fall recipes!